World of Warcraft: The Current Login Issue


Blizzard dropped a bug fix patch to version 3.2.0a and fixed a performance issue with WoW players logging into the game last Wednesday, but many people complain about that they are unable to log in to their servers currently. Both Battle.Net and non-Battle.Net users are complaining that authentication is down for them. Docoin would like to collect the possible solutions and help you go back to World of Warcraft soon.


The error message reads, "The login server is currently busy. Pleases try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Technical Support". Below are the 6 possible solutions of connecting to WoW again posted by the Technical Support.


1: Check the Server Status
Check the status of the game servers. You can visit the Realm status page, as well as the Realm Status Forum.
2: IP Release/Renew, Flush DNS
You may need to release and renew your IP address as well as flush your DNS cache.
3: Power Cycle the Modem and Router
Please Power Cycle your modem and router to reset them and allow them to re-establish a connection to your ISP.
4: Firewalls, Routers, and Internet Connection Sharing
If you are using any type of firewall, router, or you are sharing your internet connection between multiple computers, you may need to set your system up to allow access to the game servers.
5: Check for Updates
Please check for the following updates: Operating System Updates be sure that you have the latest updates for your operating system.
6: Diagnose your Internet connection
Running a Trace Route can help identify where the connection problems are occurring.


If you are troubled by such WoW Login Issue, please try above suggestions. We will keep you updated on the official sayings and provide you the cheapest WoW gold whenever you need. Good luck!

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