Rose Online Jobs Guide: Hawker


Do you know Rose Online and Rose Zulie? Today, we will introduce the Hawker in Rose Online to help you learn more about the game, then get more Rose Zuly.

Hawkers are fast characters, and wear light armor. They base themselves on dexterity, which is their main statistic that supports damage and dodging. Hawkers use katars, dual weapons or bows to get Cheap Rose Zulie. They can also hide, boost up their critical rate and attack speed and throw poison knives at their enemies. At level 100, Hawkers can become Scouts or Raiders.


Hawkers who prefer using bows advance to the Scout job, effectively allowing the Hawker access to the Scout skill tree which consists of skills that are involved in the projection of arrows. This will help you get Cheap Rose Zuly. One skill that is unique to the Scout is the ability to conjure a Hawk summon, which aids the Scout in the game by attacking the character's highlighted hostile target. The ability of this hawk is highly controversial. Scouts are also given active skills that increase their attack range, as well as dealing additional damage or ailments; all of these supports are of less effect than those of a cleric."The Strongest in Range"


Hawkers who prefer katar or dual weapons advance to the Raider job, which allows them to access skills which mainly inflict damage. There is one skill unique to this job, stealth, which allows them to become neutral, so no player nor any monster can kill them.

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